What documentation do I need to register to vote in GA?

GA acceptable forms of ID

Can I vote online in GA ?

Register online at registertovote.sos.ga.gov. You can also register in person at your county’s Board of Registrar office.

How do I know if my sentence is complete?

Your right to vote is automatically restored when your sentence is complete. If you are not sure if your sentence is complete you can request a Certificate of Sentence Completion from the Department of Community Supervision (DCS). This Certificate confirms you are no longer under felony supervision and have completed your sentence. To obtain a Certificate, contact your original DCS probation office or your local probation office.

What if I still owe fines and fees?

The Georgia Secretary of State website states, “your felony sentence is considered completed even if you have outstanding monetary obligations other than fines, such as unpaid restitution, fees, costs, or surcharges,” and fines that were imposed as a condition of probation “are automatically cancelled upon completion of probation.” If you are not sure if you have outstanding fines or if your sentence is complete, contact DCS for a Certificate of Sentence Completion.

What if I have a felony conviction in another state?

You can vote in Georgia if you are not currently serving a sentence for a felony conviction. The voting laws of the other state don’t matter—Georgia law applies to Georgia residents.